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確保安全的「恢復呼吸」!Recovery breathing keeps you safe!(English below ⬇️ )


正常的血氧濃度為 96-99%,而閉氣時血氧會逐漸降低,當血氧低於40-30%左右(因人而異),身體為了保護腦不受損傷,會暫時「關機」一下,也就是低氧昏迷(Blackout / BO)。



  1. 紫紺 – 嘴唇發紫,意識很清楚,身體控制正常。此時只要恢復呼吸,5-7秒左右就會完全恢復紅潤正常。
  2. 肢體控制失調 LMC – 意識有些模糊,但還醒著,身體常會無法控制的抽蓄、抖動。
  3. 昏迷 BO – 意識完全喪失。



快速恢復血氧,執行3-5次即可讓身體恢復安全的狀態。沒有正確恢復呼吸,低氧程度可能會加劇,從輕度低氧的紫紺(沒事)變 LMC 甚至 BO!


  1. 快速大口吸氣,並憋住一下下(很短!)。
  2. 被動吐氣,放鬆讓氣洩掉。
  3. 重複以上 3~5次直到感覺恢復。







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Recovery breathing is a must after any dive in freediving.

Normal O2 saturation in the blood is about 96-99%. During a breath hold, the O2 saturation drops. When it is at about 40-30% (different for each individual), our body “shuts down” in order to protect our brain from damage — this is a hypoxia blackout (BO), total loss of our consciousness.


►Level of hypoxia

  1. Cyanosis  – blue/purple lips. Diver is completely conscious and have total control of self.
  2. Loss of Motor Control (LMC/ Samba) – not super conscious but still awake. Body usually shakes or twitches and diver can’t fully control or stop it.
  3. Black out (BO) – total loss of consciousness.


►What recovery breath does?

Recover breathe quickly re-oxygenates the body and keep us safe. Without proper breathing after a dive, a mild hypoxia can turn into LMC or even blackout!

⭐️How to perform recovery breathing?

  1. Actively and quickly inhale and pause a bit.
  2. Passive exhale.
  3. Repeat 3~5 times until you feel ok.


Never dive alone!

Laryngospasm happens when we have a hypoxia blackout and it prevents water from entering the lung. The diver will be safe if his/her buddy takes him/her to the surface immediately,  perform blow-tap-talk and rescue breathing. Usually a diver will regain consciousness within few seconds. There’s only a couple of seconds to notice a blackout and react/rescue on time, so a good buddying method is vitally important.

⚠️Please take a course from a qualified freediving instructor to learn the correct buddying, rescuing and recovery breathing techniques.
⚠️Never hold your breath in any water body alone!
⚠️Never do a maximum breath hold attempt without proper training.


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