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空氣好吃嗎?什麼是填氣?What is “packing”?(English below ⬇️)

填氣 packing 是潛水員在全呼吸(吸飽氣)後,再將更多空氣擠入肺部的方式。
經過訓練,可以增加30%甚至更多的空氣量!(4公升 ➜ 5公升以上)


⚈ Packing 有什麼好處?

  1. 增加可以用的氧氣,延長閉氣時間
  2. 減緩橫膈膜抽動的不適
  3. 讓平壓的失效深度更深
  4. 是一種呼吸&拉伸技巧


⚈ Packing 的風險!

  1. 填氣過度可能造成肺擠壓傷甚至氣胸
  2. 填氣過度可能壓迫血管造成昏迷(BO)
  3. 必須增加配重,導致上升困難
  4. 增加減壓病、氮醉風險


⚈ 如何正確且安全的練習填氣?

  • 🌟第一次學填氣,必須在合格教練指導下練習!
  • 🌟循序漸進慢慢增加!
  • 🌟身體的拉伸同樣重要,軀幹、胸腔、肋骨周邊和脊椎的活動度必須同時練習!


⚈ 澄實相關課程推薦

  • 證照課 AIDA1~4、Wave 1~2
  • 呼吸瑜珈工作坊(呼吸增量&改善呼吸)
  • 泳池競賽備賽專案

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Packing is a technique that can help diver intake more air into the lungs after a full inhalation.
It can increase about 30% in lung volume (4L ➜ 5L or more).
It is an advanced technique that is introduced in high level courses such as AIDA4. It is not recommended for beginners and recreational freediving.

⚈ Benefits of packing:

  1. Increases oxygen in the body and helps prolong the dive time.
  2. Decreases the discomfort of contractions.
  3. Increases the depth of failure depth for equalisation.
  4. One of the stretching techniques for freedivers.


⚈ Risks of packing:

  1. Over packing can lead to lung squeeze or even worse —pneumothorax!
  2. Over packing can lead to black out due to compression of blood vessels.
  3. More weights are needed and the ascending might become more difficult.
  4. Increases risk of decompression sickness and narcosis.


⚈ How to practice packing safely and correctly?

  • 🌟If you learn it for the first time, only practice packing under a qualified freediving coach!
  • 🌟Progress slowly and conservatively!
  • 🌟Stretching of the whole body is equally important. Increase mobility especially in the torso, rib cage, chest cavity and spine.


⚈ DM for courses and workshops

  • AIDA1~4, Wave1~2 certificate
  • Yoga and breathing workshop for freedivers
  • Pool competition preparation
  • Course in English and Mandarin
  • Location of course : Taipei, Taiwan

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